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Architect Your Home is a new way of doing architecture and interior design. Focused on finding the perfect solution, we offer our clients the expertise of our team of architects and designers from every region of the country that bring local expertises to fulfill the requirements of any type of project you might have in mind – we can come up with the right solutions every time.

We help our clients from the moment of the choice of the property right up to the final details and placement of the property in the market. We achieve this through a very flexible set of services that can be adapted to any project, regardless of its size, complexity or budget. As a customer, you only have to choose which services best fit your needs.

We incorporate all the teams you might need besides the architects and interior designers: real estate, lawyers, solicitors, engineers, landscapers, quantity surveyors, builders, photographers and suppliers.

With over 250 projects developed in the past 5 years, we’ve helped our clients from all over the world develop their ideas in Portugal. From hotels to restaurants, private houses to short-term rentals, we’ve accomplished to guide our clients with investments over 100M€.


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10 offices across the country and 250 projects developed

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