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Real Estate Selection


When you are setting up an Investment Portfolio, Architect Your Home helps you with an Initial Investment Consultation, where our architects will help you find the best real estate opportunities within your budget.

Personalized follow-up with a multidisciplinary team that ensures the necessary due diligence to make your investment successful.

Layout Design


Once we set the way forward, we support all the ideas with architectural drawings of the layout. Accurate designs and planning are the backbone of a well-organized project.
By developing your ideas you gain confidence in creative decisions after the Initial Investment Consultation.



These are accurate drawings that are submitted to the local authority to obtain planning/permitted development approval for the changes you want to make. Some works don’t require a permit, such as renovation, conservation and small works that do not change the structure and exterior appearance of the building. However, if your project is part of the built heritage or is located in a historical area, you will always have to submit some kind of licensing project.

Engineering projects start in this stage, like Structure, Waters and Sewers, Electricity, Telecommunications, Acoustics, Thermal.

Detail drawings, finishings and construction


The biggest enemy of cost control is the rush. The more the project is detailed, the more control it will have over the process and budget. At this stage it is essential to have the necessary detailed drawings and the appropriate tender package that will allow you to obtain quotes from different contractors, compare them and plan the work ahead.

We do a full comprehensive follow-up of the woks, tracking from day one with progress reports that allows you check your investment from a distance.

The detail drawings illustrate the proposed layout of fixtures, fittings, units and lighting for your project. Also, along with a schedule of works, they form the tender package builders are asked to base their price on.

Interior Design


Whether you’re thinking of decorating your entire building, hotel or restaurant or just one compartment, selecting furniture and accessories, we can help you get the most out of each space. Architect Your Home can help you renovate the ambience of a project, from design to assembly, preparing everything down to the smallest detail.

Property Placement


Follow-up with all the little details, connections and professional photos with a team that ensures that the end of the project is the beginning of a profitable new stage of your property or that moving to your new home is easy and everything is ready to use.


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